A Storm Is Coming, And These Kids Need Shelter. That’s How A Pastors’ Home Gets Brighter!

Ronnie and Krystal Stewart are a couple and also pastors of the Refuge Church. They’ve always wanted to help out those in need, even going on to initiate a program to feed the homeless on two days every week. One day, they heard of 2 kids left outside the building at the Metropolitan Ministries, Pasco County, Florida.

The two little boys were the children of a homeless couple who used to pop in to get free food at the church. On this particular day, things were getting really bad. A storm was approaching. The two pastors couldn’t let these kids spend a night of torment out there, so they asked the parents if they could let them go home with the kids for the night. The homeless couple agreed.

So the next Sunday came, and that’s when things really changed. Ronnie and his wife were approached by the boys’ parents accompanied by a social worker. They requested the pastors to stay with the kids for a while to avoid them being taken away to foster homes. And now?!

Ronnie and his lovely wife couldn’t have been happier. They knew this was some kind of blessing to expand their family. They already had 3 kids, and now they want to adopt these two!

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