He Hears Her Voice But Cannot See Her. His Reaction Is Just Amusing!!

For lovers of dogs like me, there is nothing more interesting than being around puppies. Pups are great fun, especially boxers. They like to explore and make facial expressions that are awesome to see. You just have to love boxer puppies!

Dogs are known for their loyalty, sticking around until the very end. That is why it will be so heartwarming to see how one dog reacts to seeing his owner after a long time away.

Harvey is a little puppy that was born some months ago, and has not really gotten the feel of life as a dog. In this video clip, his human mother is away and so her husband decides to let Harvey hear her voice. He puts his wife on speaker.

Harvey’s reaction is expected; he is so confused that you just have to laugh. Though he tries really hard to understand what is happening, he just can’t quite figure it out.

Though he can clearly hear the voice and is somewhat sure it is coming from the phone, he is so confounded. I love the way he looks at his owner as if expecting an explanation for the phenomenon going on.

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