He Left His Good Career To Start This… See What He Does To These Creatures. Awesome!

Any human with a pet or pets knows just how much of a hustle can turn into when you’re caring for these cute creatures. So it comes as a bit of a surprise that anyone would pick on a wild animal for a pet. But not really!

Meet Chris “Brolga” Barnes, and you’ll find something god to smile about. Chris used to work as a tour guide, but that changed when his passion for helping needy wild animals overcame him. He decided to start this nice Kangaroo Sanctuary at Alice Springs, Australia. His main job is to bring in the animals suffering in the Australian wilderness and offering them the help they so desperately need. He even got a nickname, “kangaroo Dundee!”

Being a hardworking man, Chris found himself attracting g some attention, with the BBC helping him make a documentary series. In the video, you get to watch him as he bathes one of the Kangaroos. This little creature has a skin disease, and this guy has dedicated himself to caring for the animal until the disease is beaten. Wow!

Check out the clip and see the animal’s cute reaction to the whole episode. You need to kindly SHARE this with your Facebook friends!

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