This Guy Will Never Mess With A Lady Again. See What His Catcalling Earned Him!

If a driver runs into a biker in the traffic, the two might get into trouble with each other. That’s not really typical, but sometimes one of them happens to be a hot-headed road-user who doesn’t like accommodating other people. The driver in this video squarely fits in that category.

So here’s a nice, young, beautiful lady on her bike, and then there’s this spoilt driver in a car. Both have halted at a red-light. However, the car driver doesn’t seem contented with the situation, so he feels like getting a little naughtier. He turns, spots the beautiful lady, and tries to catcall her. He becomes such a nuisance that the lady tells him off. But this driver isn’t the type to notice his wrongs and correct them promptly. He even tries to stick himself out of the window to reach out to the woman. Gross!

At some point, the lady is so pissed off that she decides to teach this idiot a lesson. You want to know what she did to him. The video was captured by another driver with a GoPro.

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