This Widow Thought Her World Had Come To An End, Then The Unthinkable Happened…

Pizza Bella which is located in Bedford was opened back in 1991 by Yianni and DeeDee, who are husband and wife. The joint quickly made itself a named as a place with a friendly atmosphere and good food – all that was possible because of the people skills and culinary talent that Yianni had. Unfortunately in 2012, Yianni passed away and the occurrence was so heartbreaking to DeeDee. DeeDee’s heart and soul completely got lost and she was not even ready to visit the restaurant. Though the restaurant’s employees depended on her, it was an impossible and overwhelming task to keep the joint afloat.

As time went by, she discovered the best thing she will ever do was to gather the courage of running the business – though by herself. She was not aware that friends and family and informed the Eastern Bank about her experiences and they were planning to surprise her.

Part of the surprise was sending DeeDee to a comfy spa weekend – that alone took her to another world. The surprise did not end there, there is something they did at Pizza Bella.

I have to confess that my heart was already melting at the end of this video. Please take your time and watch the incredible surprise which this deserving women was in for and remember to SHARE with your Facebook friends!

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